Blogging is whose business? Let’s answer that in Bristol!

There are many reasons for people to blog: Keeping their family updated, sharing some nice cat (or owl!) content, earning a living by seeding Ebuzzing videos – or holding the mainstream media accountable. “And what are the quality control issues?”, you might ask. Well, this is exactly the question we will discuss this weekend:

MediaWise, the EU MediaAct project and the NUJ New Media Industrial Council organised a “weekend of debate and discussion” in Bristol – and we are very happy to announce that we have been asked to present “the Corrigo technique” to a wider audience. And wider it is:

The participants

Joan Canela Barrull - manager of www.mè

Steve Baxter – New Statesman & Enemies of Reason

Gilles Bruno– L’Observatoire des medias

Sean Dodson – senior lecturer in journalism at Leeds Metropolitan

Ronnie Grob – contributor to

Gary Herman - NUJ New Media Industrial Council

Philip Hunt – member of the National Union of Journalists’ New Media Industrial Council, blogger at

Tim Ireland –

Mike Jempson – Director,; senior lecturer in journalism, UWE; lead researcher for UWE on

Eleanor Lisney - member of the National Union of Journalists’ New Media Industrial Council

Kristine Lowe - founder of Norwegian Online News Association (NONA),    blogs at

Will Moy – Director,

Sian Norris

Sylwia Presley – GlobalVoices

Steve Riley –

Martin RobbinsThe Guardian’s Lay Scientist

Tom Schaffer - / call for input

Tim Tarrant – senior lecturer in Filmmaking and Creative Media at UWE Bristol

Judith Townend – journalist and researcher

Christina Zaba – journalist

The outcome

The overall aim is to eventually create an international forum / platform for and about bloggers. We will tweet from the conference and hope to count you in for some additional input. And now we have to pack our bags :)

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